Tuesday, March 28


I now have a date for the re-launch! June 8
My website is being redesigned, and It will be great to share it with all of you soon.
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Saturday, March 25


Actually, I've been home for a week now. But I just wanted to let you all know that I'm home safe and sound from the 13hr drive and the trip was well worth it!
The Main Story: I had a few reasons to take the trip to International House of Prayer Missions Base in KC. First of all, I just wanted to get refreshed and envisioned by spending long hours in IHOP's 24/7 prayer room. It seems odd that I would go from one prayer room to another to get refreshed. Something to be said about a pilgrimage. Second, I was able to go down with two friends/internship team members (Bryan and Arielle). It was a great team building trip, we all get along well and I am privledged to work with some special energetic people. We were able to meet with some key IHOP intern leaders on the trip which was very helpful for our planning of Consecrate Internship. Finally, I was able to spend some time and connect with some great and generous friends, Justin and Naomi Rizzo. I've known Justin for over ten years and this was the first time that we were actually able to sit down and do some songwriting. As someone that has not done a lot of co-writing, it was such an invaluable experience for to bring home and try to implement into my own routine. Not to mention that we (along with another great worship leader named Caleb Edwards) put together a solid song in the two hour writing session. I hope to get better at this and do it more often.

It was a great pleasure to spend some time connecting with his worship team as well. I love how the culture of 24/7 prayer causes the worship teams to form a family that does more than just leading worship sets on stage. Songwriting, having bible studies telling stories, going for walks and simply doing life together in a House of Prayer was really neat to see.
It produced a longing in me and made me excited for what could be possible in our own house of prayer in building a culture of prayer, community and strong worship teams that go after the heart of the Lord together.
Sitting in on a team briefing, I was given the opportunity to sing on a team. I was not too interested, but I'm glad I took the opportunity. While it didn't feel all that foreign, it was a great experience to see how the team works together on stage at IHOP, and trying out their in-ear monitoring system was a treat. Not to mention singing with a group of very talented singers and musicians.

I am so thankful for my wife Corrie, who held the fort down at home with 3 and for a little bit, 4 kids in the house. Thank you for all who prayed for our trip, I'm excited for what the Lord has for our own house of prayer in this next season!

Drummer or Bass Player?
It's kind of a silly highlight, but as a bass player myself; I thoroughly enjoyed watching this fellow (name is Trey) playing drums and bass simultaneously. The scary thing is, he did them both really well.

Back to Planning

Had some strategic meetings with some leaders on the trip. We have a lot to get to work on now for our coming Fall internship. If you know anyone that would benifit from joinging us for a season of Consecration, direct them our way!

Thursday, March 2

Jesus Gets His Hands in the Dirt

"Do you really believe He is bigger than the mountain in front of you?"  This is the question that the Lord has had me wrestling with over the past several weeks in many different aspects of ministry in life. I've been reminded quite often of an encounter/vision that I had a few years ago. 
There were two parts to it, but here is the part that has been sticking out to me lately: I was with Him sitting across from at a small round table in a coffee SHOP. In this vision, I was overwhelmed with many emotions because He was sitting with me, and I started weeping saying, "You're real! You're real". I grabbed a hold of His robe and then I put my hand on his right arm and I thought to myself, "these are the arms of a carpenter".  I saw the dirt and grime on His hands. He went on to tell me how he has been working in my garden. I felt the lump rise in my throat, but as I looked up at Him, He was just smiling. Not disappointed. Not weary. Just smiling. 
But, I was taken by the fact that He was a real man, not just a concept or an invisible presence that I talk to. There is a whole lot more to the story and conversation in this vision, and if you want to hear the whole story...let's have a coffee (seriously, it was an intense moment in my life that I cannot do justice in a blog post or email). 
As for the significance for me right now is that we can go through our Christian walk believing in the concept of Jesus, but it is different when the revelation of it hits the heart and we must come to terms with what this means for us day to day. Are we truly walking in a way that we believe that He is is a real Jewish man that walked on this same earth and is interested and involved in our lives? Do we believe that He is really working in the garden of our heart, tilling the ground and plucking out the weeds? Do we believe that God works for the good of those who love Him (Rom 8:28)? Do we believe that He not only loves us, but He actually LIKES us and enjoys us even in our weakness?
I am grateful that I get to spend a good portion time singing to His heart, declaring His lovingkindness in the morning as I watch the sun rise out the stain glass windows of the church building we use. It gives me faith that His mercies are new every morning and He is working, tilling up the weeds in my garden for my good.

Now that the internship is over, my team and I have been deep in the planning stages for the next two internships (September and January). We are really exciting with what is coming together, we were looking at it the other day and wished we could be the and we wished we were ones taking it.

If you know 
of any young adults that would benefit from a season of Consecration in the House of Prayer or would like to get equipped and trained check it out at sanctuaryhop.com/blog/internships. We will be releasing some information and some videos very soon, please help spread the word as you see them posted on social media!

We continue with our many hours of prayer and worship throughout the week, including prayer on UofW campus where I have been leading worship as we pray for a move of the Holy Spirit on campus.  
Our House of Prayer was hosting students from Eston College a few weeks ago, where we were able to spend two weeks with them teaching, praying and worshipping together. It was an intense week with a full prayer room (20+ extra people). 
I've been in a season of songwriting, getting some new interesting ideas. I hope to share some stuff with my friends, family, and partners at some point in the near future. Pray for creative ideas on how to best share what I've been working on in regards to music.

I will be heading down to IHOP in Kansas City March 12, where I will get to meet with some friends, do some writing, get refreshed and also get into some strategic meetings for our internship and house of prayer. Pray for safety for our trip and that we would come back refreshed with some great ideas and zeal for the presence of the Lord.
There is a lot of other stuff happening at the House of Prayer. If you would like to hear more I'd love to connect with you!

I will also be sending out a separate family update very soon for those interested in what our family has been up to.